At Santa & Cole we endeavour to select only what is interesting, either because the product has a story to tell, for the history behind it, its elegance of form or its smart technical solution. It isn't about appearances or trends: we edit only things that move us again and again. Our taste philosophy is more on the modern than the futuristic side. We are interested in reason, balance, and silence before stridency. We are particularly motivated to be the flag bearers of good Spanish design worldwide. As we came into existence in Barcelona, our authors are predominantly designers and architects from Barcelona and the rest of Spain who are now internationally acclaimed. We value their capacity, bringing new ideas and vision to our common lives; new perspectives about the world that we all contribute to creating. We are citizens of the Mediterranean. At Santa & Cole we seek to generate, employ, protect and disseminate knowledge, conveyed through physical products with a good design, as encapsulated in the declaration for GuteForm that the endearing Bauhaus made in its day: constructive solidity, aesthetic sobriety and functional quality. This trilogy has become a rule of thumb for us.